Why Brick Making Industry is Most Preferably the Best Idea for Most Kenyans

Kenya being an upcoming economy most of the citizens are building their houses at this moment. With a population of over 41 million citizen I will tell how you why brick making is most preferably the best business idea.

Brick making doesn’t entail a lot of logistics and a large capital. To start the business you need to have the following:
1) Brick making machine or even use a rectangular box made by carpenter:- It will depend on his/her budget. A box made by a carpenter goes for Ksh.150-200.

2) Labor:- You can’t do this business with any labor. I repeat, depending on your capital you can either recruit one person or up to 5 people to work for you.

3) Land:- It’s a factor of utility and you can’t do without it. If you live in semi-arid parts of Kenya you can look for some money hire some land in fertile parts of the country.

4) “Housing”:- It is not the correct word but I am referring to a small shade that you can make to keep bricks. In this shade it’s where you will use to make bricks and even store them there to dry.

5) Firewood and Water: In any case you get some land near a river it is would be okay bug if you wouldn’t then you can hire some people to transport for you water. And for firewood it’s for burning bricks once they dry.

The reason I stated that its probably the best business idea for most of the Kenyans, more especially those who live in rural areas is because. 

First of all it doesn’t involve a lot of capital to start. It will depend on where you are, you can start with even 10,000 if you have land.

Secondly, Kenya being a developing nation most people depend on bricks to build their houses in rural areas unlike in Cities that use more complicated technology.

Thirdly, there is a ready market. Most people prefer bricks to Mortals and other technology in rural areas. In Kenya most of the Citizen reside in rural areas.

Finally, With brick making you don’t lose anything if you don’t get a ready customer. Your bricks can stay and wait.
To add to that the price of a brick goes for Ksh.10 when you sell to individuals but when you to the government it can go for Ksh.15.

Keep in mind also that Youth Fund gives out loans to Brick making business and even Local Commercial banks do. Just give it a try and you can give us your opinions below.

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