CS Willy Bett, grilled by Agriculture Committee Early today at Parliament Chambers Over Importation of Maize From Mexico

Early today, the Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture, Willy Bett  was grilled by parliamentary committee of agricultural. The parliamentary committee wanted to confirm whether the logistics involved in purchasing maize from Mexico were involved.

For the past two months there has been a shortage of maize in the country. The government under the directive of the President Uhuru Kenyatta, last month ordered Parliament to converge and pass a motion to for importation of maize.

Last week Parliament met and passed the motion. But that did not end well. In less than a week maize arrived in Mombasa port. The question that came to most Kenyans minds how could maize take less than two weeks to arrive at the port of Mombasa from Mexico.

CS Willy Betty was put into to the task. But what amazed most of Committee members is when the CS claimed that the government did not import maize instead it only opened a channel for importation of maize for private sector.

The Cabinet Secretary Willy Bett went on to urge farmers hoarding maize in their stores to release the maize. Willy Better claimed that the government is ready to buy maize from farmers locally at Ksh.3600 per 90 kg bag.

But Mr. Willy Better also stated that they government didn’t notice any number of bags needed instead they put a mechanism with Kenya Revenue Authority.

Somewhere in the meeting tempers flare over some members of the committee on whether it was the consumer or the milers who enjoyed the subsidy. Why should tax payers money be used to assist millers when it should be used for consumers? Those were the questions going round the committee.

Nandi Hills Mp Hon. Keter went ahead to tell the CS that it was wrong to protect the Millers.

When the CS Willy Bett was put on task what did he go to do in Mombasa, he claimed that he only went to confirm whether the quality received was fit for consumers consumption. He went ahead to claim that maize shortage is a global issue. That even the white maize is not in any store in global market.

In the parliamentary committee which didn’t end in agreement with what the CS Willy Better was saying, ordered a writted report to be tabled before them before the end of tomorrow.

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  1. Let them that have eyes see….ears hear…. Voters cards vote. A better Kenya a better leaders

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