How a divorce of Translineclassic happened

ENA coach

ENA coach & Explorer Parcel Handlers

Translineclassic is one of the biggest western companies. The company was formed in mid-2008 as a partnership of some matatu owners from Keroka and Kisii.

In the beginning, until very late the company performed very well. The directors only owned shuttles that operated Kisii Nairobi route. Due to their best services the company grew tremendously until it purchased buses. Many people never believed the success of translineclassic, however, the directors never learned from the fall of other companies line Sunny City and Linear Coach.

At first, the management of Trans line classic responded quickly to customers demands but as time went by they went dumb. The owner of Nyamira Express started a sister company by name Guardian Angel. The owner learned from previous mistakes of Nyamira Express but left it to operate separately.

At first Guardian Angel faced a lot of challenges from Trans line classic. But the owner didn’t lose hope, instead, he used the opportunity to poach the staff of Translineclassic and train them that ‘the customer is always the king’. The management of Translineclassic didn’t take this with seriousness since they had expanded and even build and bought several assets from the business.

During the first quarter of 2017, Translineclassic started facing a drop off customers. By December Translineclassic had hiked the prices to Ksh. 1000 from 800 and free water was nowhere. Unlike Guardian Angel, it kept its prices constant. By the beginning of January 2018 wrangles started within the company to fire the rude employees yet some directors were not for it since most of its employees are relatives.

Some say the divorce in Translineclassic wax to happen by June by it never happened. But eventually, on 19th October 2018, the major shareholder with his brother walked out of Translineclassic to create another Company by name ENA coach and a parcel handlers company by name Explorer Parcel Handlers.

There has been wide speculation on social Media that Translineclassic was either rebranding or the directors had sold off their shares. However our sources can confirm that ENA couch offices in Nairobi are located inside KCPU Wakulima House. They also changed their slogan to “Exemplary Services.

Hope ENA coach will learn that always the customers are the king or otherwise they shall fall like other giants.

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