Profitable Business in kenya to start with minimal capital

Maize farming in Kenya. Type of business to carry out in Kenya


Are you facing financial challenges or you want to increase your income then we are having a recommendation of profitable business in Kenya.

Due to high unemployment and the high cost of living in Kenya, many people are turning out to businesses in Kenya.

Below we are highlighting some profitable business to carry out in Kenya.

1) Farming

Farming is the main source of income for most of the Kenyan families. Even in national GDP contribution farming contributes more than any sector.

One can start farming either maize or vegetables and sell them. With farming, one doesn’t need to buy land most of the Kenyans if not all own ancestral land. Hence farming can be one of the most profitable business in Kenya.

2) Bar & Restaurant

Most of the youths consume liquor. From the research that com did 60-70 percent of the youth consume liquor.

Since most youths consume liquor it will be one of the most profitable business to start in Kenya. Youths in Kenya entail of 70 percent of the population as per 2009 census.

Whatever the youths are consuming is fast moving.

Also within the bar, you can open a restaurant since the customers who will be taking liquor will need food.

3) Fashions and Design

Clothing is one of the basic needs of a human being. Being a basic need most people tend to change fashions.

Apart from being a basic need, the youths tend to have a like to fashions and designs. And whatever the youths have a like to has a bigger part in profitable business in Kenya.

4) Guest Houses

This one of the best profitable businesses to run in Kenya depending on the place. With Kenya being a developing nation most people spend money to earn.

Therefore if you locate the business in a nice place the business is likely to get more customers especially travelers.

5) Transport

Transport is the most lucrative business in Kenya. Every one of us will either travel daily or at least twice a week.

Since most of the people don’t own personal vehicles one is more likely to succeed in the business.

Being one of profitable business in Kenya one can decide to start investing from either a motorcycle or ever a Nissan.

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