Mobile Operators Safaricom, Telkom, and Airtel Fined Ksh.311 Million

Mobile Operators regulator in Kenya Communication Authority


The three mobile operators in Kenya namely Safaricom, Telkom and Airtel have been fined by the Communication Authority of Kenya a total sum of Ksh. 311 million.

The mobile operators were fined for not meeting the compliance target of 80% set by the Communication Authority.

The quality standards are set in such a way to prevent mobile operators from harming the consumers. The 80% is the minimum threshold set by Communication Authority of Kenya.

Quality standards entail issues like network performance and customer services.

The mobile operators are rated when it attains the mark in the evaluation of key performance indicators. These indicators are ones used by CA to measure the penetration on information and its accessibility to the final consumer.

However, the Communication Authority of Kenya through their Assistant director, Rachel Alwala acknowledged there was an increase from the previous year which was 62.5%.

Telkom Kenya which is a Kenyan parastatal company was the best in compliance. Telkom was leading in four regions that is Nairobi, Central, Nyanza, and Western. Telkom Kenya was formed from former Postal services which had succumbed due to the introduction of Technology.

Airtel Kenya which is owned by Indian company came second, being in compliant in Nyanza, Western and Nairobi.

Safaricom which is the leading in Kenya with a customer base of 38.5 million subscribers was the poorest performer having complied in only Nyanza and Coast.

Safaricom defended their compliance saying they have a huge customer base and hence face several customer challenges. Safaricom has faced several threats including the parliamentarians at one moment wanted to curb the dominance of the company.

The mobile operator Safaricom, itself has more than 80% customer base making it the most dominant in the market.

Communication Authority of Kenya was formed under the act of Parliament in 1998 to regulate communications in Kenya either through medial or mobile operators.

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