Migori Governor Okoth Obado Released on Bail

Migori governor Zachary Okoth Obado in Milimani high court


Migori governor Zachary Okoth Obado has been finally been released today.

Justice Jessie Lessit gave a ruling of the release of Governor Okoth Obado on cash bail of Ksh. 5,000,000 and two sureties of 5 million each.

His County clerk Caspel Otieno who and Personal Assistant, Michael Oyamo were denied bail.

The high court Judge Jessie Lessit expressed fear if the second and third respondents would be released. Expressing the uncertainty of the safety of the witnesses in a murder trial.

However, the court gave out several conditions to the governor.

Below are the conditions are given out to governor Okoth Obado

1) Deposit 5 million cash bail to be deposited to the court account.

2) To provide two sureties of each 5 million. These sureties will stand for if the governor doesn’t appear in court.

3) To surrender Kenya Passports, East Africa passport and any diplomatic passport if he has any other.

4) Not to appear anywhere near Migori county.

” The accused shall not go anywhere within 20 km of Migori County boundaries and the Court has the liberty to cancel your bail at any time, ” Justice Jessie Lessit ruled

5) Not to threaten or intimidate the parents or the siblings of Sharon Otieno.

6) The accused, Okoth Obado to appear in Court for any sessions and not discuss it over media.

The Migori governor has been reached in Industrial Area Prison for a period of 33 days. Okoth Obado was arrested by Homicide unit on September 21, in connection with the murder of Sharon Otieno.

The co-accused to Okoth Obado were denied bail and will be returned to the Industrial area Prison as they await Pre-trial conference on February 14, 2019.

Michael Oyamo, Okoth Obado and Caspal otieno denied counts of the murder charges. The three are accused of murdering Rongo University student.

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