Why Masimba town is the best place to invest in

Nectar bar in Masimba town

Vincent Nyagaka

According to Wikipedia Masimba is located in one of the wards in Nyaribari Masaba Constituency.

Masimba township has an estimate of 2500 people. According to a recent study done in Kisii county, Masimba proved to be one of the fastest growing towns.

It was second after Suneka town. It’s the sub-county headquarter of Masaba South and Nyaribari Masaba constituency headquarter.

Masimba town houses a Catholic parish which was officially opened by Bishop Mairura on 26th June 2018.

Market days are usually Thursday and Sunday. The market brings traders as far as Nyangusu and Keroka.

Being in the middle of several other local towns its serves the neighborhood well.

With a population in 2500 and housing as the headquarter of the county and national government, it provides a ready market.

Not only the headquarters the Catholic parish serves a wide area. With it serving a wide area most Christians who come to the church can be potential customers.

Masimba town which is 10 Kilometres from Keroka serves as the best integral part of the economy for Nyaribari Masaba Constituency.

Within the town, we have two petrol stations.

It also houses the best recreation clubs in the area, namely Simako Resort, M-villa Resort, Gateway Bar, Mosaica A & B and Nectar Bar & Restaurant.

Although the market was founded in 1978 much had not changed until 2014 when the Modern market was built.

In this market, you can get all kinds of horticulture and food crops.

Several modern storey buildings are coming up of late.

Education is a pillar in the societal, the town has not been left behind it has two secondary schools and 6 primary schools.

Most investors will ask does Masimba have land for development or even expansion?

The answer is quite simple, yes! Masimba covers a two Kilometre radius with several undeveloped lands.

The best thing is that the Masimba town has access to clean water from nearest dam and river.

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