ENA Coach Directors Decamp from Translineclassic

Ena Coach fleet


Ena Coach directors made the best move to decamp from translineclassic. The directors had the largest shares in the parent company. So their move really caught some of the translineclassic directors unaware.

Since I wrote an article praising Ena coach over its mother company Translineclassic I have faced a lot of critics criticizing us. Some didn’t us to state the fact that Translineclassic was performing very poorly. 

I believe when a company is offering the best services it shouldn’t be offended when its competitor its praised. The fact remains if you are offering the best services.

ENA Coach directors decided to decamp Translineclassic because of ignorance of some of the directors. Right now ENA coaches its leading in service delivery and customer relations.

One of the directors became very bitter because our blog praised Ena coach. To be sincere Translineclassic it’s in its hard moments.

The reason we are saying so its because Translineclassic can no longer be able to able to maintain its fleets. If you look at Translineclassic 80% of its fleets are not maintained to standard.

Apart from maintaining its fleets, Translineclassic has the worst customer service at the moment. Not unless they do something they doomed to fail.

“Always the customer is the King” but on Translineclassic, they do value employees more than customers.

If may ask a random question how many of you have seen companies managed by most relatives succeeding? Ninety percent fail. 

Translineclassic is full of 80% of staff who are either related or in one way or another are relatives of the directors.

Unlike TranslineClassic, ENA coach has a mix of employees and its vehicles are well maintained.

Most of the Bus companies are operating using technology and even customers can book online. But for its case, it’s still using analogy papers.

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