Who is this Evans Nyagaka Anyona who owns the Ena Coach?

Evans Nyagaka Anyona


Evans Nyagaka Anyona was born in Riabigutu village in Masimba location. He started his first business in a place known as Masimba. Here he used to run farming and wholesale business. Most of his fortune happened during those moments of pyrethrum, he used to buy a lot of it and get a good bonus at the end of the year. It is from this business he got capital and bought a matatu, that was popularly known as “faceme”. After some time he bought the Nissan plying Kisii Nakuru route.

Many have wondered who owns Ena Coach. Well, we like to give some information about who are the investors in the Ena Coach. By they were they are only two investors and they are brothers.

Just to answer the question who owns Ena Coach?. The main shareholder is Evans Nyagaka Anyona hence the company name (E.N.A) and his younger brother Alex Nyangau Anyona. This is two brothers who solely own the company.

The guy has run successfully in the matatu business leaving other investors far behind. Evans Nyagaka Anyona has been able to operate this business successfully since he listens to clients’ complaints and adapts to many changes that occur in the matatu industry.

Some will ask how worth his Evans Nyagaka Anyona. As of January 2020, he was estimated to be worth one billion Kenya Shillings. The guy owns a fleet of buses roughly 50-80 and Nissans, Rental houses in both Kisii and Nairobi including in Runda and Karen.  Evans also does large scale farming and construction.

ENA Coach is a bus and shuttle company being run by ENA Investments Limited. The company has been operational since 2010 but has been operating under a different SACCO. That is according to information on their site.

The main director with his Experience in the P.S.V industry and courier services, ENA Coach in partnership with Explorer Parcel Handlers (E.P.H) has evaluated the challenges and come up with better services to offer exemplary services. ENA Coach covers more than 30 routes within Kenya and is working round the clock to add more routes within Kenya and the greater East African region.

Ena Coach is owned by Ena investments. Ena Investments is a company that was started around 2010. The company was registered under the act of Kenya by Evans Nyagaka Anyona.


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