Rosemary Odinga finally regains sight

Rosemary Odinga recovers sight


Rosemary Odinga, the daughter of former Prime Minister in Coalition Government Raila Odinga, has revealed that she has fully regained her sight after two years. The family was forced to look for the medication in and outside the country. Sometimes back in 2018 after the announcing for elections results the family was still in South Africa.

Rosemary moved the congregation at St Peter’s ACK church in Bondo, Siaya County, on Wednesday during Christmas service when she stated how she has been battling failing sight following an illness.

“I felt alone and had to quickly learn to use the sounds and movements of people to tell who was around me. Those were the most trying moments of my life,” she said.

“People would see me and think I was able to see because my eyes were ‘wide open’. I am grateful for your prayers and support during those difficult times,” she said

Rosemary was speaking all this after accompanying his father for a service in celebration for Christmas day.

“We  got to a point where we nearly gave up as a family after unsuccessfully visiting many hospitals including in Germany, China, and South Africa before she was finally healed in India,” he said

Mr. Odinga said the healing was amongst the many milestones the family achieved this year and for which they are grateful.

“Doctors in South Africa said she will never regain her sight. However, a friend introduced us to a doctor in India who used herbal medicine to help her recover,” he said

He said Rosemary was admitted to the hospital in India for one month.

“When she went back after two months for a check-up, the doctors were impressed by how fast she was recovering,” he said.

Rosemary Odinga Defrauded for being blind

Rosemary’s loss of sight came with unprecedented challenges as ten months ago, her personal assistant was charged with defrauding her.

The PA, John Ayub and his wife Christine Jane Anyango were accused that on November 15, 2018, they jointly conspired to steal Sh245,000 from Rosemary.

Bing half-blind, Ayub assisted Rosemary in making transactions from her NIC Bank mobile banking application.

According to the prosecution, from November 2018 to February 2019, while helping Rosemary to make m-banking transactions, Ayub sent money fraudulently to a Safaricom number amounting to Sh275,000.

He later withdrew the money from M-Pesa agent number 011952 belonging to Jane.

The case will be heard on February 25, 2019.

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