Bill Gates warns of 10 million deaths as Coronavirus spreads to Africa

Bill Gates



  • Taiwan reports 1st coronavirus death
  • There are now at least 68,500 cases worldwide, and at least 1,665 deaths from the Covid-19 virus
  • Japan found 70 more cases aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship
  • Egypt confirms the first case of coronavirus
  • Hubei province, the outbreak’s epicenter, reported fewer new infections for the second day
  • Bill Gates warns “10 million deaths” possible in Africa
  • China’s facemask shortage likely won’t be over anytime soon
  • WHO says Beijing’s actions bought the world time, but “we don’t know how much time”

The virus was confirmed in Egypt on Friday, the first country in Africa. Posing a lot of threats to the Africa Continent. The foundation of Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda have already donated around 100 Million dollars (about 884. 00 0 Euro) to fight the virus and to develop a vaccine.

At the end of Sunday on mainland China, Taiwan has become the latest country or territory to report a coronavirus-related fatality, the SCMP reports. They join Hong Kong, Japan, and the Philippines in having reported virus-related deaths outside China.

Taiwan health minister is reported saying that the fatality was a 60-year-old unlicensed taxi driver with chronic health problems

Gates said: “This is a huge challenge. We’ve always known the potential for a naturally caused, or intentionally caused, the pandemic is one of the few things that could disrupt health systems and economies and cause more than 10 million excess deaths.”

This could be particularly if it spreads in areas like sub-Saharan Africa and some Asia, it could be very, very dramatic.”

He added that Coronavirus is more concerning than Ebola because the rate of which the disease spreads is far must faster.

“Ebola is terrible, but it’s not like a lightning flu,” he said.

“This coronavirus has a lot of similarities to a very bad flu, in terms of the death rate, so far more like the 1957 flu outbreak,” Gates said.

“This disease, if it’s in Africa it’s more dramatic than if it’s in China, even though I’m not trying to minimize what’s going on in China in any way,” he said. 

As Bill Gates says the impact might be much higher in Africa than in China. Simply because some African Countries are not even prepared to fight the disease and even the leaders don’t care for the citizens. Most of the African countries don’t even have enough resources and funds to fight the Covid-19.

Even worse is that for the few countries that have resources don’t use them well while for those that don’t have even if the funds and resources will be be donated to them, they will find their way into corrupt leaders. Most leaders see this as a chance to enrich themselves not knowing that they are risking other people’s lives.

When Dr. John Nkengasong, the director of Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (Africa CDC)  was interviewed by Chweya on Saturday, said Africa CDC has been working with African countries “in preparedness and response to the disease.” Which might be true but are the African Countries prepared?

Africa is currently fighting locusts plagues and food shortage so if the Covid-19 is prepared for it might cause a large negative impact on the economy of Africa. But still, there are people who don’t believe that the Egypt case was the first one. How could have Africa which is the home of over one million Chinese have not reported any case all this time.


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