Deputy President wants the government to Investigate other offices over the 39 Billion Scam

Deputy President


Deputy President William Ruto on Sunday turned his blame to the investigators, despite admitting that the suspects in the tender deal were in his office. According to the Deputy President, the suspects spent 23 minutes in his office but still insisted they had nothing to do with him.

Rashid Echesha

The DP was quoted saying,

“Office of the deputy president (ODP) does not procure for any ministry/department. Question: other than 23 minutes in Annex, for months, which government offices involved in the ‘tender’ did the scammers visit? Did they access DOD? Who facilitated? Who did they meet? Get the truth. Forget the sponsored nonsense in media,” said the DP Twitter post, on Sunday, February 16.

The Deputy President, William Ruto asked the manner in which the investigations were done. He raised concern over the government officials in the Ministry of Defence mentioned in the probe had not been either arrested or even summoned.

Once more the DP distanced himself from the suspects in the 39 billion tender scam.  His sentiments come out after the detectives spent a better part of Friday and Saturday in his office to collect any evidence that might be available. The private detectives are said to have collected CCTV footage to aid in the investigation and evidence.

Its believed that some close allies of Deputy President could have been involved in the tender scam. Some of those targeted by CID are long-time personal aide of the DP Farouk Kibet, Chief of Staff Ken Osinde and Private Secretary Reuben Maiyo.

The deal is believed to have gone through and Former CS emailed the Company Directors and told them that in case they need him to assist them to win the tender they needed to give a kickback.

To show commitment, he is reported to have asked the company to pay a firm known as Pizzle Consultancy $115,000 (KSh 11.5 million) which he is alleged to have pocketed.

He went ahead and invited the company directors to Nairobi where they met in a hotel and sealed a deal. Among other people who attended the meeting included a man who was dressed in military uniform and who identified himself to the directors as a military general.

The directors then arranged a trip for the former CS Rashid Echesa and three others to Poland, the headquarters of the company, to inspect the surveillance equipment. After the trip, on Thursday, February 13, the investors are reported to have gone to Harambee Annex, the DP’s office, where they were to seal the contract and Echesa was to receive KSh 52 million once the contract was signed.

However, to the surprise of the investors, the man who had identified himself as a military general was wearing a suit, raising doubts on the validity of the deal. It was then that they raised alarm with the investi

gators where Echesa and other suspects were arrested and are currently in police custody.

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