Jowie’s father is expected to sale land to raise funds for bail


Joseph Irungu alias Jowie was granted bail on Thursday, February 13, by Justice James Wakiaga after spending a span of 18 months in remand. He was arrested in September 2018 over the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani. However, his family was unable to raise the 2 million bail needed by the court.

His family and friends launched an initiative to fundraise money for his KSh 2 million bails. When her sister was interviewed by K24 he was quoted saying.

“We have raised KSh80, 000 so far through the funds-collection initiative. A good part of that money was raised by Joseph’s friends. Most sent at least KSh100 or KSh200,” said Jowie’s sister

“I urge Kenyans to share with us any amount of money, and we guarantee transparency on how the funds will be used. We are not out to con anyone; we are just pleading for assistance,” added Nelius.

“Our dad has a parcel of land that can be sold to raise some money which will go towards securing my brother’s freedom. We are waiting for land valuers to tell us how much the land can fetch. We could use that land as part of Joseph’s bond,” she said.

Jowie had been charged alongside his former girlfriend and journalist Jacque Maribe and his earlier efforts to get bail was futile because he was considered a flight risk and had no permanent residence or gainful employment besides being a threat to key witnesses.

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