Chinese Plane sparks a lot of Reaction after Landing in Kenya

Chinese plane


A Chinese plane that landed in Kenya this week caused a lot of mixed reactions. Several questions were asked by Kenyans more especially those on twitter. On Wednesday evening the government announced that 239 passengers, who arrived in Nairobi aboard a China Southern flight, were cleared of Coronavirus and advised to self-quarantine.

The question that lingered in many Kenyans how can an  African country with no enough resources accept planes from China. While countries that are more developed than Kenya and have better facilities have closed borders. Bill gates had even warned that if the Covid-19 if it finds its way to Africa, will Kill more than 100 million people.

As of Friday morning, Coronavirus Death Toll Rose To 2,810 Globally while there are over 82,594 reported cases so far.

A video of a Chinese plane landing at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) was Wednesday shared on social media sparking outrage among some Kenyans, who questioned the government’s efforts in protecting virus.

A statement from the Ministry of Health confirmed that passengers from the Chinese Plane had been scanned according to WHO procedures. The mister was quoted saying “All 239 passengers were screened on board, cleared and advised to self-quarantine for the next 14 days,” the department said.

Taken to task over the evacuation of Kenyan students in Wuhan China, Ms. Omamo reiterated the government’s position – that at the moment, there are no plans to bring the learners back.

“The Kenyan embassy in Beijing is offering support to the students. We are aware of the possible psychological stress they may be under at the moment but as of today, the government has made no decision to evacuate the students.”

However, the minister confirmed that the ministry has been in communication with students in China.

So far Africa has recorded two cases one in Algerian and another one which was reported in Egypt earlier this month.

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