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How to conceive a baby boy

7 Things you can do to help conceive a Baby Boy

There are many reasons why a couple would want specific genders when they are trying for a baby. After all, most people have an ideal picture in their mind when they think about the kind of family they want to have and the majority of people envision themselves having both a boy and a girl. However, for many people, having lots of sons is very important to them, normally due to cultural reasons such as in India and China. While a regular pregnancy is very much a 50/50 gamble in terms of gender, many ask the question of whether there is anything they can do to help improve their chances of having a boy.

There are many old wives’ tales floating around the internet of things that can supposedly magically turn the fetus into a boy; however, as it turns out there are a few different things that you can do to help promote the development of a boy while pregnant.

Why the survival rate of boys is lower than that of girls

Here are some of the reasons why girls have a higher shot at survival than boys.

  1. Boys are at higher risk of birth complications. Comparisons of the mortality rates between girls and boys show that boys are at a higher risk of pre-term births, asphyxia, birth defects and heart anomalies
  2. The share of boys born before full-term pregnancy (pre-term birth) is higher than for girls as they tend to have a higher birth weight than girls, which can increase the risk of waiting to term to deliver. This, therefore, means that more boys are induced before the end of the pregnancy term, reducing their chances of survival at birth as well as increasing risks of complications during birth
  3. Although boys are, on average, heavier than girls at birth, they are less physiologically mature at birth, which means they are at higher risk of having delayed physiological function – such as lung function – and adverse neurological outcome
  4. Boys are also at a higher risk of infectious diseases. According to different researches, boys are also at higher risk of infectious diseases such as syphilis, malaria, respiratory infections, tetanus and diarrheal diseases
  5. Overall, boys have a weaker immunity, and this can be attributed to the Y-chromosome in boys that increases their vulnerability. Biologically, males have the XY chromosome and females have XX chromosome. The X chromosome has a larger number of immune-related genes. Also, the testosterone hormone in males weakens their immune system
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How to increase chances of getting a baby boy

Biologically, the probability to getting a baby girl is higher than getting a boy because of the chromosome of the parents, with male being XY and female XX. Additionally, the female chromosome in the male sperm cells are more resilient, hence have a higher chance of fertilising the female egg (ovum). According to fertility experts, the male sperm cells carrying the Y chromosomes are smaller, lighter, faster and more fragile.

While the female sperm cells carrying the X chromosomes, are thought to be bigger, heavier and slower, but more resilient. It is because of this reason that fertility experts say that the gender of the baby have much to do with the timing of intercourse in relation to ovulation, the stress levels of the father, environmental exposure, as well as fertility interventions.

You are likely have a boy if you do the following.

1. Be keen on your ovulation date

Engage in intercourse or use artificial insemination close to the ovulation date or the actual date of ovulation. The closer the date to ovulation (preferably a day or two), the higher the probability of conceiving a boy. Experts say that this will give the male sperm cells carrying the Y chromosome a greater shot to reaching the egg faster than the female sperm cells carrying the X chromosome.

2. Avoid acidic foods, instead eat more alkaline foods

According to the pH diet theories, you can shift the pH of your body toward being more acidic or more alkaline based on what you eat. Taking foods that are rich in alkalies such as whole fruits and vegetable foods favor the Y chromosome and thus, tend to survive much longer and swim faster.

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3. You are younger

According to fertility experts, the younger you are the better chances you might have a boy. Younger men generally have a higher sperm cell count, increasing their chances of a male sperm cell reaching the egg. On the other hand, younger women have more copious, alkaline-quality cervical fluid, which also favours the conception of boy.

4. Avoid being stressed

Stressful situations such as work or environmental stresses like tight clothes and heat lower the sperm count in males. This reduces the chance of the male chromosome reaching the egg.

5. Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is a method developed to help couples who have gone through genetic testing and know they are carriers of serious genetic disorders. Used in conjunction with in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), doctors extract one cell from the rapidly dividing embryo fertilised and examine it to determine gender. Only embryos of the desired sex will be implanted in a woman’s uterus.

6. Sperm sorting gender selection

Sperm sorting gender selection technique involves separating girl-producing sperm (X-sperm) from boy-producing sperm (Y-sperm) in the lab and then implanting the desired gender sperm into the woman’s uterus via intrauterine insemination (IUI) or using the chosen sperm to fertilise an egg in vitro.

7. Boxers vs. briefs

Lab studies have found that X-carrying sperm cells can withstand slightly warmer temperatures than Y-carrying sperm. Based on this, for those that want to have a boy, men are encouraged to wear boxers. Briefs hold the testicles closer to the body, raising scrotum temperatures. Keep in mind that when you intentionally attempt to increase scrotum temperatures, you are at risk of lowering the overall sperm count.

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