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20 Best Blogging Apps Every Blogger Should Use In 2023

Bloggers have several requirements to meet their personal and fans’ needs hence need several things to achieve this. Since mobile phones are the mobile widely used devices in blogging, there are several mobile phones and applications that come in handy to make the process more efficient and smooth.

The applications are divided into several categories depending on the roles they play in enhancing the process. They are as follows;

1. Blogging apps.


Blogger is a mobile app that allows you to post, edit, save and view any of your blog spots. For one to use the blogger mobile app, you are required to download the application from the google play store. However, one can only do so if the phone has an android of 5.0 and above. Once you have the app installed you will need to already have a Google account and a blog created. Blogger is entirely a free blogger service. Blogger is hosted by Google servers hence security and privacy are fully guaranteed.

ii)Word press

An open-source content management system (CMS) called WordPress makes it simple to build and maintain a website. It is the most widely used CMS worldwide. WordPress is a platform that millions of entrepreneurs, bloggers, and publishers use on a daily basis to manage their online presence.

Consider the open-source WordPress administration system as a piece of software created solely to make it simple to build and modify your own websites.

iii) square space

Square space is an all-in-one content management system where you can make a website, host content, register your custom domain names, and sell your products. Bloggers can often use this application to ease their work.

iv) Gmail

You cannot function as a blogger without email. Every day, you must process a huge number of emails. You’ll use your email a lot, whether it’s for networking with other bloggers or accepting requests for guest posts, product reviews, etc. Most people use Gmail, which is closely connected with a variety of products like email marketing, SEO software, etc.

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v) Evernote

Millions of users use Evernote, the top note-taking program, to generate notes that can include text, drawings, photos, or even saved web pages.

It provides a free version, but you may upgrade to its premium editions to get additional features like extra storage space, offline access, customer support, etc.

Why should a blogger use Evernote?

You can save nearly anything on Evernote, including task lists, pictures, web pages, and audio files. The primary benefit of using Evernote as a blogger is utilizing it as a digital notebook whenever you want to write and record thoughts.


You need a platform if you’re a blogger, affiliate marketer, or SEO if you want to increase traffic, expand your audience, and connect with others. This is where a website like Quora might be helpful.

You can write helpful answers by connecting to your blog entries as well as get high-quality traffic from them.

Here are a few additional advantages of utilizing this software.

You can ask questions and receive responses.

You may also respond to other people’s queries.

You can adhere to themes and a space.

Additionally, you may access your statistics and receive alerts (on followers, upvotes, comments, etc)

vii) Hubspot

With its new CMS, HubSpot’s all-in-one CRM solution lets you access your website, customer database, sales, support, and marketing capabilities. You may carry out business operations even on the go thanks to the mobile app.

Install the HubSpot app if you’re a business owner or a member of your sales, marketing, or service teams who needs access to your tools while on the go. Even if you also make use of HubSpot’s free tools, you can still utilize the app!

Here are a few of this app’s helpful features.

Make transactions, tasks, and reminders using your CRM database.

Access customer and client data, such as emails, phone numbers, company details, and more.

Send sales resources, email templates, and live chat messages directly.

viii) Whatsapp

You may quickly invite members of your Facebook groups, Twitter followers, email subscribers, and other lists to join your WhatsApp group so you can stay in touch if you’re trying to grow an audience for your blog.

Here are a few characteristics:

absolutely no cost to use

Send and receive pictures, videos, and documents (including Voice Messages)

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enables you to call on WhatsApp (which allows you to call someone for free even if they are in other countries)

Group chats with your contacts are possible, allowing you to simply remain in touch with your friends and followers.


The most popular social networking software for finding the most recent events happening around the world is Twitter.

why use Twitter?

Twitter is the finest tool for keeping up with trending hot topics. Additionally, Twitter is used by the majority of industry influencers. Therefore, it’s the finest approach to interact with and learn from other bloggers.

The Twitter app’s features are listed below;

You can tweet, retweet, and respond to other tweets using their app.

Other tweets can also be shared or liked.

You can update your Twitter bio, profile image, background, and other information.

You can share visual materials (such as gifs, images, videos, etc)

When tweeting, include hashtags.

2. Photo editing apps

i) Canva

Canva is a photo editing application where a blogger can effortlessly crop, resize, add frames and customize their graphics without so much to do.

ii)Pics Art

Picsart is one of the useful editing platforms for photos and videos. We can make collages very easily using the PicsArt. We can choose the images only from a gallery but also search on PicsArt itself. It also has the feature of choosing the background where we can select the plain color or any other type of image too.

iii)Adobe Light Room

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a free photo and video editor and camera app that allows you to capture and edit stunning images. Lightroom includes simple tools like sliders for retouching images, applying photo filters, fine-tuning backgrounds, and using transformative presets.


VSCO makes it simple to customize images and bring out the best in your most celebrated shots, thanks to hundreds of built-in presets and powerful, user-friendly editing tools. In essence, it’s among the tools we utilize to make quick and elegant adjustments.

3. Writing apps

i)Google Docs

You can write and modify text documents in your web browser using Google Docs—no extra software is required. Even better, numerous individuals may work concurrently, one can see people’s modifications as they happen, and every modification is instantly saved. This is quite instrumental to bloggers since they can have all bits of work documented in a very easy way.

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ii)IA Writer

iA Writer is considered one of the most well-known and well-praised Markdown editors. iA Writer is compatible with devices operating macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. Using custom templates, you may export Markdown files to HTML, PDF, and Word Documents file formats.

iii)Writer Plus

One of the most popular and widely used writing programs is Writer Plus, which can be used for just about anything you can imagine. It offers a dark mode, keyboard macros, headers, rich text formatting, undo and redo capability, as well as several other features that are useful for this type of thing, such as word and character counters. It also permits writing text from right to left.

4. Grammer tools


Grammarly application allows bloggers to review their typewritten work and make necessary adjustments to make it easily read and understood by the readers.

ii)Ginger Keyboard

Using a special Contextual Grammar and Spell Check proofreader, Ginger Keyboard checks your whole phrases. Ginger Keyboard has you covered whether you want to send a brief, elegant chat message or a lengthy, intricate email.

5. Content scheduling apps


Buffer is a web and mobile tool meant to manage social media accounts by giving users the ability to plan updates. Bloggers widely use the application on their phones to schedule their work to ensure smooth transition and organization.


IFTTT, or “If This Then That,” is an acronym. It is a free online program that aids users in increasing productivity by automating web-based operations. IFTTT links the tools, services, and applications of different developers to produce mini-applications that carry out automation.

Bloggers use it to schedule their work.

Wrapping up:

With the correct tools, managing a blog doesn’t have to be a ton of labor.

You can write posts, edit photographs, maintain organization, and manage your blog from anywhere with the aid of these useful blogging applications.

Every Google app described above is necessary for blogging sites. They have decreased human effort because you no longer need to carry your laptops or computers along with you to write and submit a blog. With the help of these portable Google apps for Android and iOS, you can effortlessly do it whenever and anywhere you like. Additionally, you can keep up with the most recent changes in the blogging or content-writing world.

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