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Best Tips to Flourish your Mitumba Business in 2023

In Kenya, used clothing, handbags, school bags, and shoes are referred to as mitumba. Mitumba business in Kenya is the practice of buying and selling second-hand clothing from abroad. This business has become increasingly popular in the country due to its affordability and the wide selection of clothing available.

The clothes are typically imported from Europe and the United States and come in a variety of styles and sizes. With the influx of second-hand clothing, small businesses have been able to expand and provide quality clothing to the people of Kenya at affordable prices. The trade has also revitalized the local economy, creating jobs and providing additional income to those in the business. In addition, the practice has allowed individuals to express their personal style and be fashionable despite the limited resources available.

Brief Information about the Mitumba Business in Kenya

In Kenya, the Mitumba sector is thought to be worth 100 billion shillings.

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics reports that in nine months in 2019, Kenyan traders imported mitumba for Sh17.8 billion.

Kenya withdrew from a joint resolution to outlaw mitumba in the East African Community bloc in 2017.

Factors to consider when starting a mitumba business

1. capital

A modest mitumba business can be launched with between Ksh. 500 and Ksh. 1,000.

However, you might begin with between Ksh20,000 and Ksh100,000 for a medium-sized mitumba business.

If you want to launch a substantial mitumba business, prepare yourself with more than Ksh. 100,000.

This breakdown makes it quite evident that the size of the mitumba business you can launch will depend on your capital.

Hawking is a low-cost endeavor that will allow you to avoid paying rent and other costs. The drawback of hawking is that you will have to operate on a limited scale because it is exhausting to transport large bales. You must be financially prepared for a large-scale mitumba business because you will have to pay for the rental of the store, business permits, and electrical costs. Choose the most practical business size after weighing your possibilities.

2. identify your target market

It is important to consider your target market before beginning any business. If you’re considering selling used clothing, you can define your own target demographic. You can, among other things, target your coworkers, neighbors, passersby, villagers, or even online marketing.

3. Identify the supplier

Used goods are imported into Kenya from developed nations including China, Canada, Australia, and other European and Asian nations. If you want to launch a successful mitumba business in Kenya, finding the appropriate supplier is a crucial consideration. For instance, you need to choose a supplier who has expertise in shoes if you want to launch a mitumba shoe business in Kenya. You can directly purchase the products from open-air markets if you wish to start a small-scale mitumba business. If you want to run a large-scale mitumba business, you can either import supplies from developed nations or purchase bales from local markets for used clothing.

4. Location

The location should have high traffic. For maximum profits, you can consider selling clothes online When compared to physical stores, the online market is one of the simplest to launch because it saves you money on costs like company licenses, rent, and electricity bills, among other things.

All you need to enter the internet market is a Facebook page, an Instagram account, and a WhatsApp group (s).

Make sure you offer special advantages that your rivals do not offer in order to maximize your earnings. For instance, you could provide free delivery to customers in a certain area or a discount on items purchased online. Simply conduct research to understand more about your rivals’ strategies.

Making sure that your products are distinctive is crucial. It will boost your likelihood of turning a profit.

Reasons why Mitumba business is profitable

1 . Simple to start: You may launch a mitumba business in Kenya with Ksh. 5,000 or less.

2. There is a ready market: Kenyans have a high demand for used clothing.

3. Variety of clothing: You can launch your mitumba business by selecting from a wide range of clothing varieties. You might opt to specialize in kids’ men’s or women’s apparel based on your personal preferences.

4. No educational requirements: A tertiary degree is not necessary to launch a profitable mitumba business. Many school dropouts in Kenya have launched the mitumba industry and made millions of dollars from it.

Most profitable mitumba clothes in Kenya

Product pricing is important for any business. You can set your prices appropriately by knowing how much your things are worth. To reach a win-win agreement with your customer, you will need to possess good negotiation abilities. Underpricing products will result in losses while overpricing them will frighten away your clients. You must take the various grades into account when setting prices.

Grade A

This grade of mitumba clothing is practically new. Their state and caliber are unaltered. They are the most lucrative, but they are also rather pricey.

They are the most lucrative, but they are also rather pricey.

Grade B

These worn garments have a little amount of wear, so they’re still in fantastic shape.

Grade C

These are pre-owned garments with a few small flaws like dents and ink spills. These flaws can be fixed before the sale.

Grade D

These used clothing items have significant flaws that the seller is unable to fix. Due to their state, they are offered for sale at the lowest prices.

Due to their high quality and nearly new state, Grade A clothing is the most profitable category under this classification.

Trends to Consider for a Successful Mitumba Business

With the upcoming trends in the mitumba business sector, people are trying different strategies to stand out and maximize their profits.

Social networking sites: For your mitumba business, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and WhatsApp are great marketing channels. You may reach a lot of potential clients at once with these sites. The advantages of social media may not apply to those without cellphones.

Websites: Your credibility will rise thanks to a website. Customers will feel comfortable making purchases from you because they know how to contact you in the event of a problem. A website’s upkeep, however, costs more money.

Internet stores: Some internet stores have no physical premises and operate purely online. Here, you bargain for rates, arrange delivery services, and allow customers to pay using M-Pesa or any other accepted payment option. Given that most businesses charge some sort of shipping cost, this may be pricey for the consumer. Additionally, they are widespread online platforms where you may sell your premium clothing in Africa.


This detailed guide will provide you with information on how to launch a mitumba business in Kenya. Making a great mitumba business is significantly aided by playing your cards well in this industry. Being dedicated and working hard are essential because this is not a get-rich-quick program.

The notion of starting a mitumba clothing business is fantastic. The industry does, however, have its ups and downs, including persecution from government agencies like town councils and numerous fires, particularly for vendors at Gikomba market, In order to choose the greatest mitumba garments to sell, you must have a passion for style and be up to date on the latest trends. Give your customers what they want.


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