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Basic components of Blockchain technology
Relevant techniques in blockchain technology
Consortium Blockchain
A consortium blockchain is a type of blockchain network where several organizations or entities work together to maintain the network. Unlike public blockchains where anyone can participate, and private blockchains where a single entity controls the network, consortium blockchains offer a middle ground.
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    Advantages of public blockchain

    • Open and transparent: the information on a public blockchain is transparent to all member nodes and each authorized node has a copy of the digital ledger or blockchain mode.
    • Trustable: the proof-of-work procedure ensures no fraudulent transactions, therefore public blockchain nodes do not need to know or trust each other.
    • Secure: A public network can have an unlimited number of members or nodes, making it a secure network. The larger the network, the more records are scattered, and the more difficult it is for hackers to compromise the entire network.