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Basic components of Blockchain technology
Relevant techniques in blockchain technology
Consortium Blockchain
A consortium blockchain is a type of blockchain network where several organizations or entities work together to maintain the network. Unlike public blockchains where anyone can participate, and private blockchains where a single entity controls the network, consortium blockchains offer a middle ground.
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    Public blockchain

    This distributed ledger does not require any permission, therefore anyone can join and conduct transactions. The public blockchain can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. Also, the user can access contemporary and historical records as well as the ability to perform mining operations.

    The source code on the blockchain network is hence no valid transaction or record can be altered.

    Uses of public blockchain

    • Fundraising: The public Blockchain may be used by businesses or projects to promote transparency and trust.
    • Voting: Governments may utilize a public blockchain to vote, assuring transparency and confidence.