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Basic components of Blockchain technology
Relevant techniques in blockchain technology
Consortium Blockchain
A consortium blockchain is a type of blockchain network where several organizations or entities work together to maintain the network. Unlike public blockchains where anyone can participate, and private blockchains where a single entity controls the network, consortium blockchains offer a middle ground.
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    Virtual machine

    A virtual machine is software that replicates a computer system. It has memory, CPU, and virtual storage. A virtual machine is similar to a real computer in that it may store data, perform application programs, and participate in the operation of a Blockchain network with other virtual machines.

    The Ethereum virtual machine is used to ensure that transactions performed on entirely varied environments and computer configurations produce identical results on the Ethereum platform. An EVM is essentially a system that processes Ethereum smart contracts.

    Transactions received via the EVM are processed by Ethereum system nodes. Any transaction that wishes to modify the network state must go via the EVM procedure. Although EVM is only a virtual machine, numerous copies are created. To maintain the consistency of the calculation, each node participating in the execution of the same transactions holds a copy of the EVM.