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    Opening a Free Forex Trading Practice Account

    Most of our recommended trading platforms allow new traders to open a ‘Practice Account’ (also called ‘Demo Account’), free of charge. You can use virtual money to trade on live market rates in your practice account. Practice accounts allow you to warm up and study the platform, before opening a real trading account and jumping in at the deep end. The only difference from a real account is that you cannot make or lose real money.

    Remember: Demo trading holds zero trading risks!

    We recommend opening a demo account with one of our recommended brokers and using it to practice everything you learn throughout the course, before depositing your own money.  Try to see it like learning to drive a car: it is nice to have a good instructor, but until you take the wheel and practice for yourself you won’t know how to drive…

    We recommend a selection of the best, most popular brokers in the world. These brokers will allow you to open practice accounts on their platforms free of charge. We will guide you on how to do this.

    Once you feel ready, you will be able to open a proper account and start trading for real. Nothing is more fun and exciting than using your new knowledge to make money out of good investments! Forex offers the highest money-making potential in the world. You just need to learn how to put it into action, and that’s why we are here!

    Important: Take a couple of minutes and open a practice account. It will be beneficial along the way. The effort you put in now will translate into potential profits later!

    How to Open a Free Practice Account

    The account you are about to open will serve you for training purposes. Each and every method learned can be tested on the platform. This will help you understand the market’s secrets and rules.

    Opening demo accounts on these platforms is a simple process, and their practice accounts provide the friendliest, most intuitive trading platforms for beginner Forex traders.

    Once you click on your chosen broker you will be asked to register for a trading account. When you have finished this process you will have your very own account to practice with.

    Ready to choose a broker?  Click here to learn how to choose a recommended broker.

    You’re in the right place – the Forex market!