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Synchronize Time and Place for Forex Trading
Forex Trading Course
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    Advantages of Forex Trading

    There are many advantages to trading currencies:

    • The market is open for business 24 hours a day, five days a week, anywhere in the world. It starts Monday morning in Australia in the east and ends Friday afternoon NY time in the west.
    • There are no commissions for opening and closing accounts. There are no taxes either. You are your own master, trading positions and executing actions by yourself; without needing anyone to do the work for you.
    • Its enormous size brings endless opportunities, with millions of winners every day.
    • You can start trading with almost any amount, even just 25 dollars!
    • The market is so comprehensive: there is no force in the world powerful enough to control and manipulate it. Unlike other markets where the banks and financial firms can control the prices that their clients pay, the Forex market is absolutely clean of price manipulation.
    • Huge liquidity: you can always buy or sell any currency you want.
    • The use of leverage gives you the ability to make profits with small amounts and in low volume trading. We will delve into this subject later.