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    Master the World of Forex – “MetaTrader” trading platform

    Metatrader4 and MetaTrader5 (MT4 and MT5) are the most popular trading platforms in the world of Forex. They are very simple and convenient platforms to use. Many brokers (in fact the most of them) offer Metatrader platforms alongside their own branded platform. However, there are a few world class brokers who have developed their own unique trading platforms, like the extremely popular


    MT5 version is the latest version to come to market, although MT4 is still quite popular.

    The MT4 Platform has some excellent features:

    • It allows you either to look at one chart on the screen or at a number of different charts at the same time.
    • It allows you to navigate between a large number of accounts and positions fast, with no mishaps, in case you have more than one open trade.
    • The toolbox includes lots of technical indicators, categorized by type (we recommend not to use most of these, which is why we concentrate only on our favorites in this course).
    • Entry and exit executions are very clear and the platform responds quickly to your orders.
    • A whole section of the market analysis, with calendar and price quotes on all pairs.
    • It takes 10-20 minutes to download the MT4/5 software and it serves as a handy extra tool for training.


    That is what it looks like:

    MT4 Trading platform view


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