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Felix Odiwour aka Jalango

Felix Odiwour “Jalango” Biography; Net Worth, Age and Career

What is the Net worth of Felix Odiwour ”jalango”

The well-known comedian and radio host Jalang’o has clarified his net worth after hearing rumors that he is worth Sh10 million.

The media celebrity claimed in a recent interview on Ayo TV that the projected Sh10 million was not even close to his true value—rather, it was the cost of one of his automobiles.

”10 million Sh? That’s the cost of one of my V8 automobiles, right? V8, Mercedes V-Class, Overfinch (Range Rover), Mercedes SLK, and Discovery are other examples he continued. .” But I give God all the glory”

Jalang’o disclosed that in addition to his collection of opulent automobiles, he also owned several Nairobi apartments that he had converted into Airbnb.

Jalango biography

Felix Odiwour Jalango was born in Kisumu, Kenya, on April 27, 1978. Felix Odiwour Jalango first attended the Homabay Lake primary school before enrolling at Maseno National School, however, he was unable to continue his studies due to financial limitations. After appearing on the Papa Shirandula program on Citizen TV, he had his big break.

When Felix Odiwour arrived on set with his companion Kazungu Matano nicknamed Captain Otoyo, the late Charles Bukeko or Papa Shirandula gave him the nickname Jalang’o.

Jalang’o was still working as a fisherman and fishmonger in Homa Bay Township at the age of 23. Jalang’o received a degree in community development from Daystar University on November 13, 2020.

Prior to his run for the Lang’ata Parliamentary Seat, Jalang’o received the Life Membership certificate from Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party General Secretary Edwin Sifuna on July 15, 2021.

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Radio host – Jalango’s Salary

The comedian had a platform to grow during his time at KISS FM, where Caroline Mutoko, a former radio icon, served as his mentor.

Jalang’o and Mutoko had no trouble clicking, and the morning program quickly became the most well-liked in Kenya. After that, the comedian went to Radio Maisha and joined forces with Alex Mwakideu.

The restless comic left Radio Maisha at the beginning of the year and moved to Hot 96 FM, in which he co-hosts the morning’s program with the equally gifted Jeff Koinange. SDE estimates that the comedian makes roughly kes1.1 million annually.

Jalang’o Net worth

Jalang’o net worth is over Ksh 100 million, assuming a monthly income of Ksh 2 million.

He attained a C+ on his KCSE exam from Nyangoma Boys Secondary School. He is married, and the union has given birth to a daughter.

Properties belonging to Jalang’o

Jalang’o enjoys a privileged lifestyle as a Luo. He drives cutting-edge vehicles. He has an extravagant Bentley that cost him Ksh. 18 million. Additionally, he owns a Ksh. 20 million Range Rover Over finch. Jalang’o also has a Toyota Landcruiser V8 and a BMW 525 I series in addition to a Land Rover Discovery 4.

Net worth and possessions of Jalang’o

Jalango’s vehicle

In addition, Jalang’o and his family reside in a luxurious home that he owns in a wealthy neighborhood of Nairobi. His house is still being built at his small residence. The comedian recently disclosed that he contributed Ksh. 2 million to the building of this house. Jalang’o is a wealthy man as a result.

Career of Jalang’o

Jalango is a diligent worker who seizes every opportunity that presents itself. His professional path was as follows:

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1. Radio host

At Kiss FM, Jalang’o began his radio presenting career. He had the good fortune to work with Caroline Mutoko, who helped him hone his abilities. Jalang’o made the most of his time at Kiss FM to pitch his skills to potential jobs. He also worked in a way that many found impressive. Jalang’o moved to radio Maisha after showcasing his talent at Kiss FM, where he collaborated with Alex Mwakideu. Additionally, the two met while working on a program called “Milele breakfast” at Milele FM. Jalang’o then returned to Kiss FM to continue working with Kamene Goro.

2. Emcee

Jalang’o has established himself as the top emcee in the nation. His abilities as an emcee are in high demand throughout the nation. He is typically hired to emcee significant national events. For instance, Jalang’o emceed Obama on July 18, 2018, in Kisumu for the opening of the Sauti Kuu Resource Center. The skill of being an emcee has become a treasure trove for Jalang’o. Emceeing has proven to be a comfortable haven for him, perhaps as a result of the demand for his services.

The comedian was quoted as claiming that he would get about 7 events on a good week, all of which paid well. Jalang’o can make roughly Kes 2 million as an emcee in a month when opportunities present themselves to him.

3. Businessman

In addition to his regular job, Jalang’o is a well-known business figure in the nation. He serves as the CEO of the PR and marketing firm Arena Media. The famous person has a sizable network both domestically and abroad. Because of his connections to well-known businesses, his business can expand.

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Jalang’o also has a company, Jalang’o has received endorsements from various businesses regarding his firm. The comedian earns a solid monthly salary as a result of these endorsements.

4. Political career

During the 2022 general election comedian, Felix Odiwuor (Jalango) tossed himself into the world of politics vying for the mp race for the Lang’ata constituency after which he won the seat. Jalang’o scored 38 948 votes, defeating Nixon Korir, the sitting MP, who garnered 36 836 votes. Jalango’s political aspirations have succeeded, as seen by his ability to win on his first try.

Lastly, Jalan’go is a Kenyan director, radio show host, and actor, Jalan’go is well known for his green suit and a leopard print shirt .he was born and raised in Kisumu. he has a YouTube channel whereby he hosts guests and great personalities and discusses the industry that they pursue. he is also the CEO of arena media which is a company that organizes events. His comedy career opened many doors and opportunities for him, he got to play a part in TV shows like papa Shirandula. currently, he is one of the highest paid mc in the country. His journey has been a great achievement considering He was from a humble background.


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