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How SexiestKenya owned by Everlyne is conning Kenyans

I hope you have landed here because you wanted to try SexiestKenya services and you saw this title, how SexiestKenya owned by Everlyne Malia is conning Kenyans. If that is the case then you are in the right place. Well, I show you how the dating sites cons several Kenyans in name of connecting them.

So what is SexiestKenya? It is an online dating site that was registered on 12th February 2018 with the aim of providing Kenyans most reliable sugar mummy & daddy hookups connections. But funny enough that was not the case the admin or the owner of the blog Everlyne Malia has turned the site into a con business. Basically what he does is take money from Kenyans in the name of providing connections but in the real sense, she doesn’t.

Funny enough is that if visit the site you will see several testimonials from different characters. Those testimonials are just to lure you to accept that what they are offering is genuine services. However, you will be worried when you try to seek their services. What the owner does is ask the client to send her Ksh. 1,000 has the hook-up fee for the between the client and Sugarmumy or Sugardaddy.

However, immediately you send the money to Everlyine Malia, what she does is to buy some time before she responds back. After some time she will respond by claiming that you need to add more money in order to connect you. I continue to argue she had not included that in the description, what she will do is to block you. But if you send another Ksh.500 to her, what she will do is start buying time.

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Malia will keep to WhatsApp you telling you to wait, you will wait and wait until you get tired. You will even wait for one week until you lose your patience and decide to let go.

Most Kenyans have lost money to false dating sites in Kenya. Don’t believe those testimonies on their sites. Those testimonies are added by them and edited by owners.

We had received several complaints from Kenyans so we decided to try SexiestKenya services. Funny enough all that the complaints claimed turned out to be true.

Since we published this article Everline Malia decided to make the site go offline for some time. But the end of January, the website was brought back online. She decided to launch another site known as Patapenzi. Take care not to be lured with the new site also owned by Everline.

If you wish to learn more about genuine dating sites in Kenya you can visit dating sites and other conning sites.

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