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How to Apply for NTSA Smart Driving License

Check out this guide to learn how to apply for your NTSA Smart Driving License make sure you read through all the requirements to ensure a successful application!

NTSA (The Kenya National Transport and Safety Authority has made it easier for Kenyans to access the application for the smart driving license online via its TIMS (Transport information Management System) website.

Smart Driving License Explained

A smart driving license is a digital version of a traditional driver’s license that can be stored on a mobile device, such as a smartphone. It uses techniques such as QR codes or near-field communication (NFC) to allow authorities to quickly and easily verify the driver’s identity and driving record. In addition, it can also be used to store other information such as vehicle registration and insurance. The smart driving license displaces the past driving license that we used to know.

How to apply for one

Requirements for applying for the new smart driver’s license are:

·    Copies of your national identity card

·    A registered and a working phone number

·    Copies of your KRA pin

·    KES 3100 in your Mpesa account

With all these requirements confirmed, now let’s get started on the application process:

1.    Log in to your account at the NTSA TIMS portal or register one on the website to have access to their services.

2.    On the sign-in website’s page, input your identification number as your username and the password you used during the registration of your account.

3.    Click to get a verification code.

4.    The code will be sent to your phone number. Enter the code and login.

5.    Select the driving license option

6.    Choose to apply for the Smart DL option. Confirm the accuracy of your details and if they are correct, select the next option tab down below the page.

7.    Click the payment button

8.    You’ll be diverted to the payment page. Select your payment system, pay and click the complete button.

9.    After clicking the complete button, you’ll be again diverted to another different page where you’ll find your invoice. Print the invoice and download the pdf of the invoice for security and reference purposes.

10.  Upon completing the download, return back to the web page and click the submit button.

11.    Choose your preferred collection area and book an appointment for fingerprint capture

Once NTSA captures your biometrics and personal information on the scheduled date for the appointment, you’ll receive an SMS to inform you that your driving license is ready.


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