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10 Profitable Small Business Ideas You Can Start in Kenya-2023

10 Profitable Small Business Ideas You Can Start in 2023

Are you amongst those with a low investment plan and wondering what profitable small business ideas you can start to work with in Kenya? Worry no more!

This post gives you extensive and comprehensive information on profitable small business ideas that you can invest in on a low budget.

List of 10 profitable small business ideas

1. Small Bakery Business

Putting up a small bakery business can be a road to your financial freedom. All you need to venture into this business is quite a walk-in-the-park task.

What you need for the startup:

  • Local Business permits and Licenses
  • Baking Equipment; Oven, pans, Mixing equipment, decorating equipment, measuring equipment, and baking tins
  • Raw materials; Sugar, Flour, Eggs, Flavors, Fruits, and butter
  • Baking recipes
  • Good promotion skills

You can start the business by renting a room where you run your operations or if that is quite expensive, you can see your operations running at your house. Either way, you need to let your customers or neighbors know about your business and with time expand your bakery business as you wish.

Bakery Business

2. Start Red Earth Worm Business

Recently due to the Covid 19 pandemic, there has been a decrease in the supply of fertilizers in Kenya making them sell at double the price than usual. This creates a niche in the supply and production of fertilizers. With that gap, you can start harvesting red earthworms which is an essential ingredient in the process of vermicomposting.

Vermicomposting is the process where organic waste is transformed into useful compost. You can either sell the worms to retailers or make your organic fertilizers and sell them at both retail and large-scale business market.

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What you need for production:

  • Hybrid worms
  • Waste food substances
  • A warm and dark environment
  • Dry environment

3. Fruit Stand Business

With literally everyone obsessed with healthy living, starting this business is a hit. Moreover, fruits in Kenya are all over the place and at affordable prices. This, therefore, makes it the best and most lucrative business idea that you can start in Kenya.

Fruit Vendor Mobile Shop

4. Laundry Business

Career women in your local place may not have the time, space, and energy to do their laundry. This allows you to set up a laundry business and start making money by washing their clothes and linen.

Take the initiative of going to their homes and inform them about how you can relieve them of the stress of having to deal with dirty laundry.

What you need to start:

  • Laundry machine
  • Laundry baskets
  • Pressing Irons

It is okay to start with a little pace as you grow and expand your laundry business.

5. Freelance Writing

This is yet among the best small business that you can throw yourself into. It requires minimal resources and you can practically do it from any location you find yourself provided you have the following:


6. Selling Second-Hand Clothes Business

Commonly referred to as the mitumba business in Kenya, the selling of second-hand clothes has quite gained much attention in the market. It does not require a high budget plan to start and it just requires you to have a suitable place with the emergence of many people and a readily available market.

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Source good clothes that are trending and that are easily found in the market and you can be 100% sure to go home with numerous profits.

7. Car Wash Business

Another guaranteed small business to start with a low investment plan in Kenya is the car wash business. The high social status people with motor vehicles tend to not wash their cars cause of one or two reasons, take this chance and exploit it.

What you need:

  • Strategic positioning of your car wash business
  • A good and reliable source of water

8. Start a movie shop business

With as low as KES 15,000 in Kenya, you can easily put up this lucrative business and help you score huge profits in return. A huge number of the Kenyan population enjoys watching movies and listening to new songs and the best hits. You can grab this chance and set up a movie shop to cater to this business gap. All you need is just a laptop or a desktop computer to make a smooth and pleasant amount of money in return.

Video cassette

9. Barbershop and saloon Business

If you are well versed with the trending hairstyles in Kenya in both male haircuts and female braiding, then this is the best idea for you to venture into. You can start by first creating a good rapport with your potential clients and then kick off by offering your service in your local region.

You can also decide to provide these services in the comfort of your client’s homes and when you have gathered enough money and saved the profits, you can then expand. Create as many shops as you could in different areas and towns and grow your financial power.

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To keep up with the competition, ensure you are well-informed and skilled with the latest trending hairstyles.

Barber shop

10. M-pesa Business

This is quite a lucrative business since there’s always a huge influx of customers demanding M-pesa services. You can start your own business or run a business under someone else’s business.

To start you need to have a Safaricom line which costs KES 100, 000 when operating on sole proprietorship, but when in partnership, you will need half of the amount.

Other Profitable Small Business Ideas You Can Work Within Kenya.

  • Rabbit Farming Business
  • Poultry Farming Business
  • Boda Boda Business
  • Fruit Juice Business
  • Fast Food Business
  • Soap Making Business
  • Baby Sitting Business
  • Car Rental Business
  • Car Repair Business


The above-mentioned list gives you the best business ideas that you start in Kenya with a low investment plan. It is upon you to choose that which suits your business plan and capability.

Each idea that has been shortlisted has a high demand for products and services, therefore it is up to you to find a niche in your locality and implement the idea that best suits that particular niche, and start your business.

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