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The Top 10 Richest Families in Kenya

Moi family

The Moi family is one of the richest families in Kenya. Their assets are dispersed around the globe. During the reign of the late president Daniel Arap MOI, he generated a lot of wealth for his family Gideon, retired President Moi’s youngest son, is a shareholder in Kent Ship, Maritime, Sielei Properties Ltd, Giant Holdings Ltd, Revak Ltd, Sudbury Ltd, Sudbury Investments, Giant Forex Bureau, Westfield International Ltd, Chesco Ltd, Homestead Enterprises, Metipso Services Ltd, and Maternity.

The family owns major key drivers of the economy in Kenya. In the tourism industry, they own the Safariland Club Sheraton hotel and Intercontinental hotel. The family owns huge tracks of land, in Bahati, they own 20,000 acres, in Kabarak they own 1,600 acres Ol Pejeta 50,000 acres Olenguruone 20,000 acres and Molo 20,000 acres among others. The family owns shares in various financial institutions. Equity stock brokers sovereign group, Trans national bank, First American Bank, Giro bank Equatorial Bank, and Forex Bureau.

The Moi family has shares of the standard group which is the KTN and KTN news tv stations and also shares in Spice FM, Radio Maisha, and Vybez Radio. Not forgetting the Standard newspaper and The Nairobian newspaper which are also managed by the Standard.

In the transport industry, the family also has invested in car Track Kenya LTD, Eagle Airlines, Kenya Aerotech LTD, SIginon group, and Kent ship, among others.

In the Agriculture industry, they own Chemusian Company, Kiptagich Tea estate in Nakuru, Sasine group of farms (fresh produce LTD)and Sian rose Tobacco farm in Malawi.

The family owns and runs various education centers in the country: Kabarak university Moi education center, sacho high school in Baringo, Kabarak high school Sunshine national school in Nairobi Moi Africa institute Kabarnet Gardens

In the real estate industry, the family owns Regent management, Lavington home in Nakuru, Kabarak residence, Karbarnet Gardens in Nairobi, and Sielei properties LTD.

The family has also invested in the telecommunication sector, they have shares in Safaricom Cable wireless and Chesco LTD

The Moi family is said to be worth a maximum of more than $3 billion.

2. Christopher Kirubi Family

The late Chris Kirubi was a businessman industrialist entrepreneur and philanthropist

He was the director of Centum Investment Company Limited. He was also the main stakeholder and the chairman of the Haco tiger brands, Kirubi was the CEO of Capital FM, he had equity stakes in the Nairobi stock exchange and he also invested Kenyan Franchise of DHL, he also invested in the UAP insurance and he had shares in Nairobi Bottlers.

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He owned residential and commercial properties valued to be more than $200 million, he owned estates valued to be worth more than $300 million. His holdings in firms listed at the Nairobi security exchange it’s worth 3.4 billion. In agricultural chemicals and Pharmaceutica corporation he invested more than Sh 1.8 billion at the same time, he held 1,406 shares in Bendor Estates Limited said to be worth Sh5.6 billion. He also owned properties in Muthaiga and Mtwapa worth Sh 60 million.

The businessman had accumulated land worth Sh3.1 billion, one in Loresho worth Sh2 billion, and Kwale worth Sh111 million.

He also owned: the Mercedes Benz Maybach S500 (Sh30 million), Bentley Continental GT (Sh29 million), Range Rover (Sh26 million), Mercedes Benz (Sh16 million), Mercedes Benz ML 320 CDI (Sh5 million), and Mercedes CLS 350 valued at Sh3 million.

The family’s net worth is reported to be $ 300 million.

3. Nicholas Biwott Family

. The 77-year-old businessman died in 2014. He lived a life of mystery and secrecy his business dealings remained a secret even to his close friends. He was described as one of the most powerful men and wealthy under Moi’s reign as the president of Kenya. He invested in insurance and banking industries, agriculture manufacturing oil, real estate, and aviation.

He was a major shareholder of Kenol Kobil and also the proprietor of a domestic airline, Air Kenya.

Nigeria’s Venture Financial Magazine placed him among the top 50 billionaires in Africa (2013) at about $1 billion (Sh100 billion). His total wealth, however, remains a mystery. He had invested in various companies: Barsirim Investment, Kipsinende Farm, Rono Ltd he had shares in National Milling, Corporation Yaya Centre (worth KSh 3.5 billion) HZ Group of Companies, LZ Engineering, Premier Group of Companies, HZ Construction and Engineering, Air Kenya Aviation Ltd, Pete Aviation and Electronics Ltd, and Ziba Management & Services

This family is worth $1 billion.

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4. Kenyatta Family

This is the family of the nation’s founding fathers. According to our study, the family has enough land to cover the whole province of Nyanza. Agriculture, banking, tourism, mining, transportation, energy, real estate, telecommunications, and insurance are among the businesses in which the family has invested.

The family is a shareholder in NCBA, they also have invested in MediaMax and they run the K24 and Kameme Tv, radio milele, Emoo FM, Mayian radio, and Musenagu FM.

The family runs Brookside company which produces milk products that operates in 12 African countries. The family owns huge tracts of land used for livestock keeping and agricultural purposes. They own Timsales holdings that supply Kenya power with wooden poles and they own Maasai Mara and Golf Hotel in Naivasha, Intrepids camps in Samburu, and Voyager camp and beach resort in Tsavo and Mombasa. They are worth a minimum of $1 billion.

5. Philip Ndegwa Family

Phillip Ndegwa was a former governor of Kenya’s Central Bank. He was also a former ps in the ministry of Agriculture and Finance. He died on January 1996 but left his family with a lot of wealth that he had accumulated.

The family has invested in a variety of significant economic sectors, including real estate, banking and insurance, agriculture, and a variety of other ventures. The family has invested in the shipping industry The family also owns the bulk of shares in the NIC Bank, with a stake of up to 25%. The family owns a flour milling firm that gives them a net profit of Sh 293.5 million per year. The family’s net worth is estimated to be $ 1.2 billion.

6. The Odinga Family

Raila Odinga is one of Kenya’s top ten wealthiest politicians, with a net worth of $2.3 billion. He has generated his wealth from the oil and gas business in Kenya, politics, and also in the manufacturing industry. His Kisumu home is valued to be Sh 1 billion, and his Karen home is estimated to be worth Sh 50 million. he also has a home in Runda worth Sh 15 million and also a home in Mombasa. Raila also owns choppers The family owns the East African Spectre Company, which produces liquid petroleum and gas cylinders as well as Pan African Petroleum Industrial Services.

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7. The Chandaria Family

He is one of Kenya’s wealthiest people. He has made investments in industries such as manufacturing,

Aluminum steel and plastics, insurance, transportation, banking, real estate, and telecommunications.

The family has a net worth of $ 250million

8. SK Macharia Family

SK Macharia is the founder of Royal Media Services, Eastern Africa’s biggest private television and radio network. He owns Citizen TV which has 62%of the Kenyan television market and Radio Citizen, Inoro TV Ramogi Fm, Inoro FM, Chamgei FM, Muuga FM, Mulembe FM, Hot 96, Vuuka FM, Wimwaro FM, Bahari FM, Egesa FM. SK Macharia also engages in: agriculture, the transport industry, the real estate industry, and the banking industry

S.K Macharia founded Madhu paper International Kenya Ltd, Kenya’s first tissue paper manufacturer, in 1976. others. They are worth $400 million.

9. Kibaki Family

The Kibaki family has a home at Muthaiga, Othaya rural home where he owns 20 acres of land. Former president Mwai Kibaki also had a Mweiga retirement home which he was gifted as a retirement gift by the state. He also invested in Nairobi CBD buildings. He formed Heri Limited which owns gated estates in Nairobi. Kibaki had shared at Norfolk Towers Kolobot Gardens and College House. The family owns 20,000 acres of Lombara Ranch in Laikipia and 600 acres of Rware wheat firm. The family has made investments in a variety of industries, including tourism, banking, real estate, agriculture, and others. The family’s net worth is presently estimated to be $ 50 million.

10. The Nyachae Familly

Simeon Nyachae owns Sansora companies which have an interest in baking milling real estate and aviation business. He is a shareholder in Kabansora and Swan Miller industries. He is a shareholder in Simbi Roses LTD which is a flower exporter to European countries. He also owns many trucks of land in the country, he also has a wheat farm in Mau Narok and a tea farm in South Africa and Zimbabwe and owns a Vast ranch in Australia. He has shares in Safaricom cooperative bank and KCB. He has other shares in NCBA estimated at a value of Sh 300 million He has made investments in agriculture, Kenyan insurance, banking, real estate, transportation, and

The family is worth Sh $100 million.

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