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Tahmeed Bus Online Booking, Fares, Destinations, and Contacts

Kenya’s transport industry is unique. There are colorful and graffiti-decorated omnibuses in Nairobi that ply different routes. Also, there are 14-seater matatus that are pivotal in fulfilling transportation needs. Which one do you prefer? For most people traveling long-distance journeys, a bus is well and good, and there is none as great as Tahmeed. The transportation firm has firm roots in the industry with a fleet of buses traveling to various destinations. The Tahmeed bus online booking platform allows you to secure your seat in the comfort of your home. How does everything work?

Even though people assume Kenya’s domestic bus transportation system is mediocre, that is not the case. On the contrary, it is as developed and as sophisticated as any other in other parts of the world, albeit with some minor shortcomings. The most outspoken feature is online booking that Tahmeed Express has perfected. The service gives customers an excellent and reliable platform to book their travels early and on time and keep off the long queues at the bus station.

Tahmeed bus online booking

We are going to show you how to book online for the Tahmeed bus in five simple steps

Imagine booking your ticket in the comfort of your home? Yes, it sounds like an excellent, time-saving, and convenient endeavor. Not only that, online booking ordinarily allows a client to choose the preferred seat, and they get a preview of the estimated costs before submitting payment.

Tahmeed online booking is one of the most evolved, only comparable to the best. They offer an app and website. So how does one make an online booking?

Step 1: Specifying booking parameters

Visit the company’s official booking page to start your booking process. You will get a page with a tab in the middle, labeled book, pay, travel with three empty spaces. These spaces will be from, to, and the number of passengers. This is the first step of the Tahmeed booking process. Enter all the required information on the empty spaces and choose from the dropdown options for the destinations. Then, on the calendar next to the passenger selection button, choose the preferred traveling date. Once done with setting the parameters, press search.

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The action leads to another page with the available buses, accessible seats for every bus, and departure times. You will also notice Tahmeed bus fares for the available buses on the right. Keep in mind that bus fare varies with destination. Therefore, what you will pay from Nairobi to Mombasa is not the same as to Machakos.

Step 2: Choosing the preferred bus

It is up to you to settle on the preferred bus based on your traveling schedule, price, and available seats. Then, click on the view seat button on the preferred bus to show what is available.

You will notice a color-coding on the seats with different meanings. For example, seats in grey are already booked while those in white are available. Also, the firm charges differently for business and regular seats that have different color codes. In some instances, you will notice a bus has a VIP seat.

Choose the preferred sitting position by clicking the seat number. Immediately, the seat turns red, showing that it is taken. Once satisfied, click continue.

Step 3: Registering your details for payment

Once you select your seats on the Tahmeed bus online booking platform, you will get a prompt requiring you to sign in or continue as a guest. You can continue as a guest and provide more information on the next page. Here, you are required to provide your email address, name, gender, age, mobile number, and national identity number. After you have entered all the information, click proceed.

Step 4: Paying through M-Pesa

After entering all your details and pressing proceed, you will get a new page requiring you to pay for your bus fare via M-Pesa. It will connect with the mobile number that you provided in the previous step.

Click on make payment to proceed to the following step. If you have an M-Pesa balance, you will get an STK push message to enter your PIN to complete the process.

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On the other hand, you can use Tahmeed’s pay bill (980431) number to pay. You will go through the normal M-Pesa pay bill payment process. The online booking system only allows 15 minutes to complete the process. Wait for the M-Pesa confirmation SMS when done. And that will be the end of your Tahmeed booking online.

Step 5: Download and print your ticket

Once everything is complete, print your ticket. Download and print it and ascertain that you carry it when going to Tahmeed bus company bus station. If you cannot print your copy, download it and present it to the officials during your physical booking.

Tahmeed bus company destinations and fare

Tahmeed moves clients to various destinations in East Africa. The respective Tahmeed coach prices for these destinations vary with the period and prevailing economic conditions. For instance, if you want to travel to Mombasa from Nairobi in July 2021, you must pay at least Ksh.2,400 for a regular ticket. The following are the company’s primary destinations.

Arusha Bungoma Busia Changamwe Dar es salaam Eldoret Jinja Kampala Kericho Kilifi Kisumu Kitale Kitui Luanda Kenya Machakos Malaba Mariakani Malindi Mombasa Moshi Mtwapa Mumias Nairobi Nakuru Tanga Taveta Ubungo Webuye

Tahmeed bus contacts

If you have a problem with Tahmeed bus online booking and are looking to get in touch with the firm, you can use the following contacts: Nairobi booking office Ground Floor, Zahra Building, River Rd, Nairobi Email: [email protected]

Booking telephone: 0729356561 and 0735356561 Website: tahmeedexpress.com

Frequently asked questions about Tahmeed bus online booking

Numerous bus companies have migrated their booking service online to provide clients with a straightforward booking process. ENA Coaches’ services are one of the best in the country. R

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