Online writing jobs in Kenya


In case you have been wondering…What are the best online writing jobs in Kenya? Worry not coz I got you.

Below are some helpful hints in case you are seeking an online writing job opportunity to help build up your career and that might help you in sorting out your bills.

Even though the number of Kenyans doing online writing is increasing day by day, there is still more opportunity available to venture and still attain success in this field. Of note, online writing can be someone’s full-time job or a part-time job because of its fluidity. The majority of college students have utilized this opportunity by doing online part-time writing and balancing it up with their studies.

As a full-time online writer, you can make a lot of money and become an admirably rich person. This will help you achieve your dreams such as supporting your family, paying your bills, and settling your bank loans plus your mortgages

In a moment, I will focus your attention on reliable writing-related websites online.

Here is a summarized list of top online writing jobs in Kenya, which I will give more shed light on them in a moment

A summary list of top online writing jobs in Kenya;                                              

  1. Writing email letters
  2. Copywriting websites
  3. Writing articles
  4. Proofreading and editing texts of various lengths
  5. Blog writing
  6. Research articles

What is the online writing job in Kenya?

Writing email letters

For marketing emails, the material is written by an email copywriter. Persuasive writing is used in email marketing text to persuade readers to respond to the email’s content. Email copywriters possess the same writing and research skills as other marketing copywriters and a broad vocabulary.

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Copywriting websites

Writing persuasive marketing and promotional materials known as “copywriting” is the process of inspiring readers to take some sort of action, such as making a purchase, clicking on a link, making a donation, or booking an appointment.

We Also possible are spoken elements like scripts for commercials or movies.

The word “copy,” which describes the content of these publications, is where the phrase “copywriting” originates.

You probably use copywriting even if you are not aware of it. written advertisements that are distributed in print or online can be included in these materials.

You can find some visible examples of copywriting if you simply start by checking your mailbox. Local restaurant advertisements, catalogs, letters for donations from charities, or sales letters for various goods and services

Writing articles

Working from home as a freelance content writer might be a terrific alternative source of money. They also provide authors who want to develop their abilities in producing high-quality web material with a lucrative profession. However, not many independent authors are paid on time (or at all) for their work.

The most popular destination for writers looking for independent online writing work is PayPerContent. PayPerContent ensures that you receive compensation for your prompt output. We pay our authors fairly because we are aware of the significant amount of labor involved in researching subjects, coming up with original ideas, and creating copy that attracts readers and increases sales.

As long as they possess the grammar and writing skills necessary to produce interesting, well-researched articles on any subject, we accept authors from wherever.

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Blog writing

An online blog or informational website that displays content in reverse chronological order, with the most recent posts appearing first, is known as a blog (a contraction of “weblog”). It serves as a forum for writers to express their opinions on specific topics.

Find and hire Kenyan bloggers who are experts in a range of freelancing blog writing services for companies there and throughout the world. There is a sizable pool of skilled and knowledgeable freelance blog writers in Kenya who can provide firms with effective blog writing services in Kenya. On our platform, freelance blog writing services in Kenya are far less expensive than hiring full-time professionals.

All different types of Freelance Bloggers can find a variety of qualified and skilled freelancers in Kenya on Truelancer.com. We give you the chance to hire Kenyan blog writers on a freelancing basis and reduce your business expenses by 50%.

Expert blog writers available for hire in Kenya are knowledgeable in the newest blog writing tools and approaches and can produce outcomes that are effective for

Research articles

Academia-Research has provided legitimate, well-paying writing employment. We are the freelance chance you’ve been seeking with no membership fees, a steady stream of work, unmatched support throughout your career, and a regular paycheck!

We are a respected company that offers freelance writing tasks in a variety of fields, including business writing, blogging, SEO-enhanced articles, and educational writing. We have built up a sizable customer base over the years, allowing our staff to select a variety of jobs and focus primarily on those that fall within their area of expertise.

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If you want the chance to conduct research and complete tasks on a variety of subjects while earning a competitive income, join


How Does Proofreading Work?

Nowadays, there is a lot done online and a lot of content available for individuals to consume.

In light of this, there are many jobs available, particularly for stay-at-home mothers or teachers looking to earn money over the summer. One such job is proofreading.

One of the last steps in the content creation process is proofreading, so before it is published, a proofreader will work on the article you are currently reading, for instance.

It is the process of carefully reading a piece of writing to look for grammatical and spelling problems.

This is a crucial step because writing can often contain little errors that you miss even after you read it back.


By all means, sign up if any of these businesses appeal to you. Keep in mind that freelancing employment isn’t always reliable because it depends on the demand for articles or material at particular seasons of the year, like the holidays.

If you want to prevent losing out on possible money while you wait for another job chance, you might need to take on many jobs at once. Good luck in your search for the ideal writing job!

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