Evans Anyona

Who is Evan Nyagaka Anyona?

Maybe you have surfed over the internet and you have not come across any information about Evans Nyagaka Anyona. Well, you are in the right place now.

Evans Anyona was born between 1960 and 1970 when the famous Nyagaka from Gesusu died. During this time the community would rename kids names of prominent people. Evans started his education in Riabugutu Primary School and later joined Masimba Secondary School for high school education.

After finishing high school Evans Anyona started small scale farming and selling of chicken in the area. He had no enough capital since his father had died in earlier days and his mother was selling chang’a to upkeep his siblings.

After doing farming for some time Evans later started a small shop in Masimba shopping center. His wife would run the shop while he would take care of managing his farm.

Evans later started to buy pyrethrum from small scall farmers and take it to the sell it to pyrethrum board of Kenya and be paid at the end of the month at a bit profit. This concept still exists in rural areas since of a lot of poverty and the farmers can’t afford to wait until the end of the month.

After selling Pyrethrum, running a shop, and farming at the same time he was able to acquire enough capital to buy the first Matatu in the year 2001. For those who remember very well those kinds of matatus that we, “face-me”.

Evans Anyona kept on running this business until in 2002 when he purchased a Nissan to prew Kisii Nakuru route. During at those times the fare to Nakru was Ksh. 200. But at the end of the day one would make a profit of up to Ksh. 2000.

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He has been running that kind of business at the same time farming. Until 2007 during the post-election violence, he and his friends at Keroka decided to give a try to long-distance business.

After the Raila-Kibaki peace pact, Evans Anyona and his friends rebranded new Nissans and labeled them ”Shuttles” to start doing business to the city of Nairobi. There before Nissans never ferried customers to the city of Nairobi.

Evans Anyona and friends start Translineclassic

After doing business with his friends for one year they differed on some issues and they walked out of Transline and started Translineclassic. On my opinion this was the best opinion.

Its they started Transineclassic in 2010 that the company started to grow rapily. Although it was not a company since it involved investors who bought buses and shared ideas together.

Evans Anyona has been in Translineclassic up to 2017 when he again walked out of Translineclassic to start Ena Coach. He walked with a lot of employees including Richard Meraba Mogire who was the Finance Manager in Transline Classic.