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Evans Nyagaka Anyona

The Biography of Evans Nyagaka Anyona

Evans Nyagaka Anyona was born in 1968 in Riabigutu Village, Masimba Ward in Kisii County. He was born in a very humble background. But this did not deter him from achieving his dreams. Evans schooled in Riabigutu Primary before joining Masimba Secondary where he did his KSCE. After completion of high school, Evans had not connections or fees to continue his studies so he started small scale farming and selling chickens.

After working hard for sometime Evans shifted from Riabigutu Village to Masimba market where he opened a shop that his wife was running. Despite opening the shop Evans did not stop farming. He used to buy pyrethrum from other small scall farmers and sell it to the Pyrethrum Board of Kenya. This assisted him so much since during those times pyrethrum was so marketable and one would fetch a good amount of money during bonuses.

In the year 2000 Evans Nyagaka Anyona bought his first matatu that was referred to as face me. He has started matatu business at the same time still farming and her wife running the shop. Evans run the business until in 2001 he bought his first Nissan that was plying Kisii Kericho Nakuru route. During that time the fare was Ksh.300 from Kisii to Nakuru and there were no Nissans on the Kisii Nairobi route.

Evans was successful and he increased his fleet of vehicles up to 20 Nissans. They were known as Explorer. After being in business for 5 years Evans and his friends after the post-election violence in 2007 they distanced to make a try in long-distance business.

Evans Anyona and friends start Translineclassic

After doing business with his friends for one year they differed on some issues and they walked out of Transline and started Translineclassic. On my opinion this was the best opinion.

Its they started Transineclassic in 2010 that the company started to grow rapily. Although it was not a company since it involved investors who bought buses and shared ideas together.

Evans Anyona has been in Translineclassic up to 2017 when he again walked out of Translineclassic to start Ena Coach. He walked with a lot of employees including Richard Meraba Mogire who was the Finance Manager in Transline Classic.

So in 2008 after post-election, the Shuttle business was started. Evans and his friends formed Transline but they didn’t agree with some of the members so after 6 months they moved out and they formed translineclassic.

While in TranslineClassic Evans registered his own company ENA Coach (Evans Anyona Anyona) and started doing business with the company.

Evans is the owner of ENA Coach a transport and construction company that was registered in 2011. The company is run by Richard Meraba Mogire who is the C.E.O.