Best Businesses To Start in Kenya in 2018

  • Businesses are major drivers of the economy of our country. Without businesses the economy would shrink and the government won’t be able to raise funds for operations or administration. Businesses help the government to run since its able to collect some tax and this businesses are also creation of wealth and jobs for citizens.

Apart from the day government collapsing, this businesses can be a great source of revenue to any of us.

I want to highlight some businesses one can start in Kenya and make a living.

1) Bar and Restaurant

Bar and Restaurant it’s a lucrative business if managed well. According to statistics 80% of the youth take alcohol. The youth in this country comprise 80% of the population. The youth comprising such numbers therefore means there is a bigger capital. To start the business you just need a licence from Liquor board, NEMA, Local County Council and public health. Once you are done with those you good to go.

2) Hardware

Kenya being a developing nation most houses are coming up right now. Take advantage of this and start a hardware business in developing towns and neighborhood of Nairobi City.

3) Wholesaler

Most businesses in Kenya are either Kiosks or small shops run by small traders in Kenya. If you decide to invest just invest in wholesale. The reason behind being you are more likely to have more customers.

4) Matatu

Matatu sector has they call it, is also one of the most lucrative business taking into account that most of the people in our country don’t own personal vehicles like in developed nations.

Several people have made a living and even built empires from Matatu sector. In our country we don’t have rules and regulations governing the amount to be charged from destination A to B, due to this most take advantage and overcharge customers. You can take a loan and start with either a taxi or probox depending your locality
5) Farming

Farming has turned out to be the most lucrative business of recent more so considering Kenya is a Country that depends on agricultural produce. Agricultural carries the highest income for our country. Most parts of the country are fertile hence supporting farming