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    Find A Trading Style That Suits Your Personality

    The foundation of your trading plan starts with your self-reflection because you will be the only one using it. Who you are as a trader will define what kind of method suits you.
    Trading strategies, systems, and methods that aren’t compatible with your profile and personality will drastically lower your chances of success.
    While most traders want to immediately jump into creating or finding trading systems and strategies, they won’t know which ones match their personality and unique situation if they don’t spend some time on self-reflection first.
    Before you think about clicking the Buy or Sell button on your trading platform, there are some questions you should ask yourself so that you can better form your trading plan.
    While you’re at it, you should write down these answers.

    What is Your Motivation to Be a Forex Trader?

    Motivation to Be a Forex Trader

    Why do you want to become a forex trader?
    Is it to become filthy rich? Is it for the thrill?
    Is it because you want to do something challenging and exciting?
    Is it because the girl you like trades currencies and you want to impress her?

    It is important to know what your true motivation is, or whether you should even be trading at all.
    Forex traders who aren’t serious or committed to the craft will be quickly eliminated by the market.
    For example, seeking thrills and seeking consistent profits don’t go together.
    You might enjoy the thrill of putting on a humungous “I’m betting the farm” position but believe us, you won’t be smiling once your trade blows up in your face.
    If thrills are what you seek, go to a casino, jump out of a plane, or try driving an F1 racing car.

    What have you determined to be your goal(s) for trading?

    Set trading goals that will help you develop as a trader.
    Be specific! – By making your goals specific and measurable, not only will you know what you really want, but you’ll be able to monitor your progress and see whether you are improving or not.
    If they are not specific, you’re just wasting your time.