Forex Trading Expert Level Course

About Course

Expert Forex Trading Course video duration: 4 hours

Course duration to complete: 2 weeks

After Completing this Level 2 Advanced course, you will understand the Advanced movements inside the market and start to earn good profits using Expert Trading Strategies.

Chapter lessons for Expert trading course :

  • Advanced Chart Trading Setup
  • Intraday Trading
  • Intraday tools for successful day trading.
  • The Best way to earn money with Uptrend, Downtrend, and Range markets
  • Trading the Breakout
  • Finding the real Breakout in the market
  • Avoiding Fake Breakouts
  • Re-testing Breakout technique
  • Trading the Reversal of market movement
  • Finding the real Reversal in the market
  • Avoiding Fake Reversal Movements
  • Trend Chasing Technique
  • The best price level to trade for making big profits in the market
  • Retracement Strategy
  • Low Risk, High Reward Trading Technique
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Analyze the Economic news results like an Economist
  • How do you determine whether the Economic Calendar news result will be Positive or Negative?
  • Finding the most good opportunities in the market using Advanced trading strategies
  • Best Account Management Trading techniques to make big profits using small money
  • 2 Years FREE Guidance (Mentorship) Support
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