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Kopokopo Review: All you need to know about it

Kopokopo is a Safaricom merchant offering a digital portal to make it simple for businesses to accept digital payments while providing access to credit and other business tools. Apart from enabling enables businesses and individuals to apply M-PESA technology in order to collect funds and you can disburse funds.

Company Details

Kopokopo is a company registered in Kenya offering consumer merchant services and is regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK). It is headquarters are located at Pitman House, Jakaya Kikwete Road, Nairobi.

How does Kopo Kopo work?

Kopokopo uses the concept of Lipa Na M-PESA to receive payments in businesses. A customer makes payment to a unique number (Till Number) that identifies a business. Once the customers make payment both the customer and the owner of the business receive a message on their mobile to notify them that the transaction was successfully

What is M-Pesa Till Number?

A till is a counter in a shop or other place of business where money is kept, and where customers pay for what they have bought.

Therefore, the Kopokopo Till number is a digital number that payments are received on and stored. It is the same as the one offered by Safaricom M-Pesa Till. It is just an enhancement of the existing Lipa Na M-PESA till that enables business owners to collect payments on the till and use the money collected to make other transactions directly from their till such as:

  • Pay to another Buy Goods Till
  • Pay to a mobile number
  • Pay to a Utilities (Paybill) till
  • Withdraw cash at an M-PESA agent
  • Sell Airtime and earn commission

How to acquire Kopokopo Till Number?

If you need a Kopokopo Till Number you need to have the following:

  1. Duly filled and signed application form & Terms and Conditions. Copy of identification documents of persons opening the account i.e. National ID, Passport/Alien ID/Military ID. Additional for Bank Settlement: …
  2. INDIVIDUAL. (Only applies to Buy Goods Product) Individuals with businesses registered as a sole proprietorship or Rental Houses.
  3. CATEGORY. Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.
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Requirements for Kopokopo Till Number for Sole Proprietor

  1. Copy of letter from the bank stating bank details as per certificate of registration or bank statement.
  2. Copy of Certificate of Registration or Business Permit No.
  3. Copy of Individual KRA PIN Certificate.
  4. Copy of National ID – Back.
  5. Copy of National ID – Front.

How do I you use Kopokopo Till Number?

In most cases, Kopokopo does trainings before they send the toolkit to their clients. If any case the client is not nearby they will send the document through Wells Fargo and you with instructions on how to use it.

Anyway, it’s not hard for customers to make payments it’s by guiding them to go to their M-PESA Menu,

  • Go to Lipa Na M-PESA
  • Select ‘Buy Goods and Services Enter the Till Number of the outlet/or salesperson you wish to pay
  • Enter the amount you wish to pay ( between Ksh. 10 – 70,000) Enter your M-PESA PIN number.
  • Both the customer and the owner of the business will receive an SMS indicating a transaction was successful.

While for owners of Till Numbers using the Till Number is simple as operating your Mpesa Account. What you need is the Sim tool kit pin or you can visit the Kopokopo website. You can view all transactions on the dashboard once you log in.

Why Is Kopokopo is a Better Merchant Compared to Other Platforms

We at Chweya Media have been using Kopokopo for the past 7 years in most businesses. We have also even tested other Lipa Na M-PESA platforms offered by other merchants like Safaricom, Co-operative Bank, and Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB). But none of them beats Kopokopo.

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Reasons are as follows:

  • After using Kopokopo for consecutive months you will qualify for an unsecured loan of up to Ksh.5,000,000. You can check other Loans that you can borrow with a mobile phone.
  • They offer SMS campaigns. You can purchase any SMS that you need and promote your businesses with them.
  • You can withdrawal your money to any bank you wish as long as your names and ID match.
  • If you have several receiving points or counters you can make several different Till Numbers to receive payments. But you will be able to monitor from your phone.
  • They offer Mobile App, USS Code(*667#), and a web platform to access your account. So in case, you lose a pin you can access your account from other platforms.
  • Their customer support is one of the best around. You know any businesses you need to communicate with and how fast do they reply matters a lot.
  • Multiple ways to receive payments, i.e by M-Pesa, Masterpass, Airtel Money and T-Kash.
  • They don’t charge customers when making payments instead they charge the owner a small percentage. Less than 1% of the transaction amount. Check below their transaction table

Kopokopo Fees Schedule

Mode of PaymentTransaction Fees
Lipa na MpesaKsh 0 – Ksh 200: free (no fee)
Ksh 201 – Ksh 40,000: 0.5% of transaction value
Above Ksh 40,000: Ksh 200
Masterpass1.5% of transaction value
Airtel0.5% of transaction value
T-kash0.5% of transaction value

Transfer Fees

The amount available to transfer from your Kopo Kopo account will be less than these transactions fees

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Transfer FeesAmount (Ksh)
Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) Account 0
Non-DTB Account50
M-PESA account0
External Bank account50
Transfer to external M-PESA account50

Transfer fees will be debited from your account upon each settlement

Other Fees

In case you misplace the simcard you need to pay replacement of lost Lipa na M-PESA SIM Ksh.300. This fee will be debited from your payment balance upon delivery of the replacement SIM.


Kopokopo Loan

Kopokopo Advance

A business qualifies for a cash advance after consistently transacting on a Lipa Na Mpesa till acquired through Kopo Kopo for 90 days. Every business is unique and its transaction volumes and patterns will determine your cash advance limit. The more customers pay with Lipa Na MPESA, the bigger your cash advance limit.

Another advantage about Kopokopo loan is that you can apply from your computer or your phone, Kopo Kopo gives you the convenience to submit your application through any channel that suits you.  Requests are approved within 24 hours and funds are disbursed immediately so that you can quickly put your business cash advance to work right away.

So how is kopokopo loan repaid?

Your business cash advance is automatically paid back at an agreed percentage from daily Lipa Na M-PESA sales. You make repayments at the pace of your business. If for some reason your business slows, your repayments are also slowed down. Their process so simple so that it does not take the focus away from growing your business. 

Kopokopo contacts

If you wish to contact Kopokopo well you can call them through, +254702000222 and +254709376000, WhatsApp them through+254114 440067 and finally you can also write them an email to [email protected].

Is Kopokopo a Safaricom product?

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John Mugwe Njoroge
John Mugwe Njoroge
May 11, 2023 8:37 am

Is there an option for the customer to pay for the transaction fee

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